Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Eternal Plan of Happiness

The plan of Salvation is referenced so many times in the scriptures as being the plan of happiness. I truly testify that it is a plan of God. He was the architect, and has made this plan specifically for each and every one of us. We often wonder where did everything come from? But our Father wants us to know that we came from Him.

We believe before the creation of this earth, we were created spiritually as children of our Heavenly Parents. We lived with him in the premortal existence, and learned from them. But our Father knew that we couldn’t progress in that state. It was like a child in preschool. That child could only learn so much before that child would stop progressing and stop learning new material and our Father knew that. He created this plan for us to keep progressing and keep learning. But He knew that it would come with a price. He knew that if we had free will, we were going to make mistakes. He knew that we were going to sin and we wouldn’t have a way of being free from this sin.

So, imagine that God had all his family in a meeting and explained this plan but has asked who will be the Savior “Whom shall I send?” I imagine that at that moment we all looked at our elder Brother Jesus Christ. “Here am I, send me.” He said. I testify that our Savior Jesus Christ was preordained or in other words, He was chosen even before this life to be our way back to the Father. And so, the Father knew that we had to keep progressing so he created the Heavens and the Earth. I have sought revelation because I had doubts about the creation. But through study I realized God is the architect of this earth.

This plan is amazing and this creation is phenomenal. When God was finished with the creation He knew that He had to put man on earth and so Adam was placed in the garden of Eden and realizing that man shouldn’t be alone, but should have an eternal companion and family, He placed Eve, our Mother, in the garden too. They were in a state of innocence like little children. They partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This opened the way for all of us to choose to get a body and come to earth to become as our Father in Heaven.

Eventually, our Savior was born (see The Living Christ). He lived His life filled with love and charity. He fulfilled the mission He was given to do. He was truly the Son of God. No one else could possibly atone for all our sins unless that person was without sin. That person needed to be perfect. He lived a perfect life without the debt of sin upon his shoulders. He took our sin with love and empathy for each one of us. He truly suffered for all our sins and felt everything we have felt and will feel.

The only thing that he asked in return is to “Follow Him”. I love him for that, and I know with all that I am that He suffered and died for us. Not only did He die for us, but He came back for us. He lived a perfect life and made the pathway for us to follow his footsteps to reach our heavenly home. This life is for us to follow his steps and make covenants with him. In other words, promises that we make to follow Him. If we do these things we will have what we were intended to have: Joy. My life is filled with joy; a kind of joy that makes a twenty-one-year-old have smile wrinkles. I love this gospel and the joy that comes with it.

I’m so grateful for the restoration of the True Gospel and the Living Prophets that receive guidance for us. My favorite knowledge is the truth of what happens after this life. When death occurs, the grave has no victory. When we pass on we go to a place of rest or of teaching for those of who didn't have the opportunity of hearing and accepting the gospel. Imagine those millions upon billions of people that were never able to know the true gospel and how loving our Father in heaven is for letting us have the opportunity to be able to perform by proxy the covenants for them in temples that are scattered throughout the world. I testify of the truth of what occurs in the temple. I have felt the power in those holy places, and I know it’s the Lord's house.

I testify that He is there for us and if we have any questions He’s there for us. I know that He lives and that God lives and I know this is His Plan in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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Posted by C.J. Kemp- Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


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  1. Nothing brings greater peace than knowing where you came from, why you are here and where you are going after you leave this earth. The Plan of Salvation does this in perfection. God is the author and joy is found in following God's plan for us.


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