Friday, September 25, 2015

How can I protect my Family spiritually?

In a talk given by Cheryl A. Esplin in the April 2015 General Conference, she likens strengthening the family to a demonstration of two soda cans. One can is easily crushed and the other remains intact. The can that is strong and can’t be as easily destroyed is the one that is filled. Likewise, in our families, we need to be filled with the spirit if we want to stay strong and not be broken by the negative forces around us. Becoming filled with the spirit does not have to be a difficult or complicated process and boils down to doing the things we know to do. This is one of the major reasons that the prophets and apostles have repeatedly stressed the importance of doing the fundamentals such as reading our scriptures individually and as a family, going to the temple, having Family Home Evening, and praying individually and together. If we do these things consistently, the spirit will fill our homes and strengthen our families and we will be able to withstand the challenges that are in the world and that may come our way.   

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