Thursday, August 27, 2015


LDS temples are dedicated to the Lord by selected Church Authorities for the performance of sacred ordinances. These ordinances are outward demonstrations of an inner commitment to God. We show this commitment by covenants we make with Him during these special ceremonies and by adhering to those covenants from then on. The crowning ordinance that takes place in temples is that of sealing families so they can last beyond the grave and into eternity. My greatest feelings of joy have come from making and keeping temple covenants.
(Article Submitted by Joshua Foster)


  1. Im always amazed at the peace I feel every time I go to the temple. I know that as we go to the temple regularly a peace will start to come into our lives as well.

  2. Writing this short article helped me to greater appreciate the joy which has come into my life as a byproduct of going to the temple often.

  3. The covenants made in the temple bind us to our family past and future. It is God's greatest work to see us progress and become like He is. This great work is done in temples. It is one of God's greatest gifts to His children.


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