Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How can I make my prayers more meaningful?

Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to communicate with him.  We do that through prayer.  You can carry a prayer in your heart and pray at any time.  You can and should also have a special moment set aside to pray to Him in quite and solitude, such as in the morning when you rise or just before going to bed.  God is always pleased to hear from us no matter the situation.  Our prayers shouldn't be repetitive meaningless words or phrases that we don't think about, but sincere heartfelt pouring of your heart.  Telling him of the things your grateful for.  Things specifically from the day you have just had.  Feelings your are currently going through.  Thoughts and questions.  He wants you to share with him so that he can share his guidance through that Holy Spirit.  Next time you get on your knees to pray, instead of repeating the same thing, share with him your deepest emotions, thoughts, questions, repentance from specific sins, and praise and gratitude to Him.  Your relationship with God will become closer.  You will hear the Spirit speak to your heart more in you life.


  1. Meaningful prayer takes effort, regardless of how much we enjoy it, or how deep our gratitude is to God. Some days, we may not know what to say, in which cases we will have to dig deep into the recesses of our mind and heart in order to make effectual conversation with Him. Whatever the personal sacrifice, however, and no matter the toil, let us remember that the benefits of prayer always outweigh the seeming costs.

  2. Something that has helped me to have more meaningful prayer is to remember that God really is our Father and we can talk to him like we would a loving parent. Even though He knows everything that is in our heart there is something powerful about pouring it out to Him and we will find ourselves drawing much closer to Him as we do that.


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