Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Does It Mean To Have Faith In Jesus Christ

In order for our faith to lead to salvation, it must be centered in the Lord Jesus Christ. To have faith in Jesus Christ means to trust Him and obey His commandments. Faith is much more than passive belief. We express our faith through action—by the way we live.


  1. I love this video! What a true test of faith. Faith is an interesting concept to me - if we have faith we believe in things we cannot see. And when we exercise faith in Jesus Christ, we receive blessings and see miracles. I think sometimes we make it too hard. Faith is a simple concept, but we must act upon it to see the amazing love our Savior has for us!

  2. Oftentimes, we try to increase our own faith by trying harder to be believing. While this is an important method to follow, it is even more important that we do not forget the key to helping us do so. That key can be described in a single word: obedience.

    As we obey God, He empowers us with the strength we need to believe in things that are generally considered intangible, but that we hope and feel are true. Faith is essential in leading to knowledge, but it is also an important aid to maintaining that knowledge when we do receive it. Without such maintenance of faith, we will soon find ourselves doubting our spiritual, and even physical senses, causing us to deny what we once knew to be true.

  3. What an incredible example of faith which preceded a modern miracle. This video truly shows how The Lord is very much aware of our individual situations and trials throughout our lives. I want to strive to be more faithful in Christ, and if I am following His commandments I will have the strength to endure the trials I face each day here on Earth.

  4. We are all individuals with different needs, strengths and weaknesses. How great it is that we will all be challenged according to our needs to be more like our Savior.

  5. This is an amazing experience. Something I need to remember is that faith precedes the miracle. I think that sometimes I want to see the results before I choose to believe but that isn't how it works. If we have faith in God and Christ, then the miracles and blessings will come.


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