Thursday, March 26, 2015

How do I repent?

I remember when I was a teen I started to feel such a weight from sin. It was a heavy burden to carry, but although I'd learned about the steps of repentance as a child I had never really put them into practice.  Repentance is a personal and private thing, and as such I realized that I'd never witnessed an example of it, and that made it hard for me to go about using it in my life.  

As the burden of sin accumulated and weighed me down to depression I knew I must implement it in my life to feel free and clean again!  I studied the book "The Miracle  of Forgiveness" and got the courage to pray for forgiveness myself.  I remember my first prayer of repentance to God so well because for the first time I could feel Gods love comforting me almost as if it were a physical presence.  I poured out my soul and cried on my knees for what felt like an hour and felt my burdens lifted when I finished.

After that experience, repentance became a part of my every day life and prayers to God and it feels much less dramatic than the first time but every bit as freeing and lifting of my soul.  My relationship with God has become so much more personal close and real since implementing repentance in my life.

I know there must be others who have, for any number of reasons, not experienced this miracle in their lives.  I challenge you to set aside some private time to confess your sins to God in prayer either tonight or before this week is through.  Ask for his forgiveness with true sorrow for your sin and intent to change your ways.  After this, (or sometimes before) you should seek restitution, or in other words "right the wrong."  If you've lied, then confess. Stolen, then return. Been cruel, then be kind. If your having a hard time knowing where to start or how to right the wrong seek confidential and nonjudgmental advice from your local LDS Bishop. No problem or question is to big or too small. He is there to help you understand how to use Gods gift! How to implement the atonement and feel free and clean.  I'm so greatful for Jesus sacrifice for you and for me.  I know God loves you!! I know that he will forgive you.


  1. This is a wonderful post about using the Atonement for repentance. It is amazing the miracle that comes from true repentance. The change in feeling from the burden being lifted from your soul is truly freeing. I have taken this challenge myself and encourage all those who read this article to take it as well. Just as it states, "No problem or question is to big or too small." Also by making the proper restitution for whatever the sin was, will bring that feeling of true repentance and I know you will feel of a peace in your soul.

  2. Although repentance can often be difficult to carry out, fortunately the steps are clearly laid out. Therefore, any challenge we face with repenting should not be for lack of information. We need only to turn to the words of prophets and apostles to know exactly how to repent. The greatest difficulty is frequently little more than mustering the courage to complete the steps, some of which tend to put us out of our comfort zone even more than others. Despite this, we should never let fear get in the way of repentance. Doing so only prolongs feelings of guilt, as well as the likelihood of adding to our burden through repeat offenses. Repentance is the only way to greater happiness, thanks to the Savior's merciful Atonement.

  3. Repentance is such a wonderful gift and opportunity. When I was younger, repentance sounded intimidating but I've since learned that it is a huge blessing and brings immense feelings of peace.

  4. One of the most beautiful aspects of repentance is the simple fact that through apologizing for the things you have done wrong, Heavenly Father wipes clean all of your sins to the point where he no longer remembers them and you are able to start again clean. If you are unsure how to start the repentance process the best way is to simply kneel down in prayer and begin sincerely apologizing for the things you have done that you know are wrong. Depending on the weight of the sin committed you might need to also go and talk with your LDS Bishop, but everything in that meeting is completely confidential. The repentance process is between you and the Lord, a Bishop is just there as a mouthpiece of the lord to help you move forward with the repentances process. I cannot put into words the wonderful feeling of having the weight of sin lifted off of your shoulders after you have repented. You truly feel light as a feather as the spirit is able to dwell within you again. Don't procrastinate repentance, blessings are waiting for you, and the sooner you repent the sooner you will be able to receive them and become closer to the Lord.


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