Friday, February 20, 2015

Testimony - Keep Strengthening it!!

Through personal experience, I have realized that gaining a testimony is not something that happens just once in your life. Last year, we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon 4 months before Girls Camp. I did this challenge, and prayed and asked God if the things that I read were true. I had an amazing experience in which I found out that the Book of Mormon, and the church was true. I was confident in my testimony for the church, and did not have any doubts. A little while after Girls Camp, I began to have doubts about the church. No matter how much I tried to convince myself that I knew that the church was true, I hesitated on my testimony. I didn't know why I was having these doubts. I gained a testimony about this church, so why was I doubting it? Quite awhile passed, before I got my answer. I was in Sunday School, when my teacher said,”Gaining a testimony is something that you do everyday of your life. Once you first gain your testimony, if you don't keep doing the things that you're supposed to, and strengthening it, then your testimony will soon start to falter, and die.” I felt the spirit so strongly when they said that, and I knew that was my answer. I learned that once you gain a testimony of something, you are not done with that testimony. We need to keep strengthening and building that testimony up, so that it will never falter.

                                                                                  -Submitted by Lizzie, a youth in the ward


  1. Great thought Lizzie! Your testimony is a muscle that is strengthened through action. As we put what we believe into how we live our lives, our testimony of that thing is strengthened. It is one day at a time, until our understanding and belief are perfect.

  2. That is a super powerful thought that a testimony is something that needs to be gained every day. It's like if we only ate once a week and then wondered why we were hungry. We need to be spiritually fed every day as well to keep our testimonies strong.

  3. It is so interesting how conversion is truly a life long process. I think this is a great post to show how we must continually gain a testimony through the experiences and trials we go through.

  4. Thank you, Lizzie. It's so true. I have had moments in my life where I had a strong testimony of the gospel and during those moments, I always think to myself, how can I ever doubt my testimony? But once I get overconfident in my testimony and start losing my habit of daily prayers and scripture study, I find myself doubting what I knew. I think testimony building is a lot like exercising. Sometimes it's really hard to get up and just DO what we know we need to. Sometimes, after a long period has past without exercising (praying & reading scriptures) we gain weight and it takes a while for us to see the results of our exercise. Once we obtain our ideal health, if we stop exercising, we become unhealthy again. '

    Thank you for your wisdom and thoughts!

  5. My testimony is the witness I have that the gospel is true. I have come to know that every single aspect of it is true. Thanks to the Holy Ghost, knowledge of it's truthfulness can be obtained even before a complete understanding of each of its principles.


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