Saturday, January 17, 2015

We are children of a loving Heavenly Father

God the Father is the Supreme Being in whom we believe and whom we worship. He is the ultimate Creator, Ruler, and Preserver of all things. He is perfect, has all power and knows all things. He has a body of flesh and bones as tangible as man's (Doctrine and Covenants 130:22)

Our Heavenly Father is a God of judgment and strength and knowledge and power, but He is also a God of perfect mercy, kindness, and charity. Even though we do not know the meaning of all things, we can find peace in the sure knowledge that He loves us.

One of life's great questions is "Who am I?" One of our children's Primary songs answers this question beautifully - "I am a Child of God, and He has sent me here." The knowledge that we are children of God provides strength, comfort, and hope.

You are a literal child of God, spiritually begotten in the premortal life. As His child, you can be assured that you have divine, eternal potential and that He will help you in your sincere efforts to reach that potential.

As children of God, we have a special relationship with Him, setting us apart from all His other creations. Seek to know your Father in Heaven. He loves you and He has given you the precious opportunity to draw near to Him as you pray. Your prayers are heard and they are answered!


  1. While earthly role models foster ambition, heavenly ones engender fruition. Only an eternal perspective, together with knowledge of our Heavenly Father’s perfection and love, can fully and adequately provide the building blocks for a life that is not only successful, but one also that is full of happiness and peace. And without these key ingredients, an accomplishment will not feel complete, and we will miss out on the joy that comes from a humble gratitude for what we did not fully achieve on our own.

  2. God truly does love each of us individually. He wants to hear from us and how each of our days went. He wants us to have a personal relationship with him. I know that he will hear and answer our prayers if we ask him and keep his commandments.

  3. I have found great comfort and stability in knowing that God is our Father. This not only reminds us how much he must love us, but reminds me that our potential must be great, because we are the offspring of a perfected being and we must have inherited some of His traits.

  4. There are so many things that we don't know and don't understand yet and so I love when Nephi says in 1 Nephi 11:17 essentially that even though he doesn't know all things, the one thing he does know is that "I know that God loveth his children". When certain things don't make sense to us or we struggle to understand trials in our lives, we can remember that it's okay because we can know that God loves us and therefore he is going to be there to help us.


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