Friday, January 9, 2015

The Tender Mercies of the Lord

I am often amazed at the many tender mercies I witness in my every day life. Little things that help me know that my Savior lives and He loves me! Sometimes it's as simple as a beautiful sunset that I happen to see just before it disappears behind the mountains, or a sweet word from a loved one - just when I need it. 

What are the tender mercies in your life?


  1. For every creation there is a creator, and that's exactly what this Earth is for our Heavenly Father. Through his son, Jesus Christ, he created everything from the mountains and rivers to our very own bodies. We are his children.

  2. I have had many tender mercies in my life and I think for me the most important thing is recognizing them when they come. God is so very merciful and loves us so much and if we look for them we will begin to notice how many tender mercies God gives to us.

  3. I was given a tender mercy the other day where I met someone at the school who said things that helped to answer questions I've had for years. I believe the Lord placed him in my path, and did so at the perfect time.

  4. Beautiful talk! I am thankful for the tender mercies in my life!


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