Sunday, November 16, 2014

How Can I become Spiritually Self Reliant?

Spiritual self-reliance is essential to our eternal well-being. When we are spiritually self-reliant our testimonies do not depend on the testimonies of others. We seek our own spiritual experiences through praying daily, studying the scriptures, and exercising faith in Jesus Christ. We turn to our Heavenly Father for His help to resolve our own difficult problems. We are also able to strengthen others in their times of spiritual need.

What have you done to become more spiritually self-reliant? How have you been blessed by being spiritually self-reliant?


  1. What has helped me to become more spiritually self-reliant is to build a testimony that is my own and is from my own study of the scriptures and my prayers to Heavenly Father. We can take strength and comfort from other people's testimonies but I think it is most important that we gain a testimony that is not based on other people but comes from our own prayers and study. Becoming spiritually self-reliant helps us to have unshakeable testimonies because they are not based on the opinions of other people which can change from day to day, but are based on knowledge and revelation from God through the Holy Ghost to us personally.

  2. One thing that I know to be true is that we are blessed by being spiritual reliant or developing and strengthening our own personal testimony. When we have a strong testimony we are able to overcome obstacles and temptations that would otherwise seem impossible. I have experienced this in my own life. Life is hard, there are times when we all feel inadequate and too weak. But I know that if we are obedient to God's commandments and pray to know and do God's will, we will have His Spirit with us. And with that help (the help we receive by having a strong personal relationship with Him) we can have the added power and strength to not only get through life, but find an abundance of joy in it.

  3. When we are spiritually self-reliant we are able to stay true when the storms of life come. I have found daily prayer, scripture study and looking for opportunities to serve others will put my in a position to not only stay strong when life provides obstacles, but it also gives me the strength to help others in their time of need.

  4. When faced with a difficult decision, revelation becomes an important part of the resolution process. If we are always turning to others for guidance at a moment's notice, we lose many opportunities to increase our spiritual self-reliance by obtaining personal revelation directly from God.


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