Sunday, November 23, 2014

Becoming Self-Reliant

In 1847 the Latter-Day Saints began to gather in the Salt Lake, Utah Valley after having been persecuted and forced from their homes and communities multiple times. They migrated to a faraway and isolated desert. They wanted to flourish and establish a permanent home for themselves. This meant that the Saints needed to learn skills that would allow them to take care of all their needs. While many specific duties of temporal self-reliance are different today, the principles behind these duties remain constant: Latter-Day Saints are counseled to do all they can to provide the temporal necessities of life for themselves and their families.

Becoming self-reliant:

*Learn to love work, and avoid idleness

*Acquire a spirit of self-sacrifice

*Accept personal responsibility for spiritual strength

*Accept personal responsibility for health, education, employment, finances, food, and
  other life-sustaining necessities

*Pray for faith and courage to meet challenges that come

*Strengthen others who need assistance


  1. There must be a balance between dependence upon God and our own independence. After receiving God's guidance through prayer, it becomes our responsibility to apply that guidance in our journey through life. Although He will help us to do so, we should not expect Him to do all the work. Otherwise, we would not grow in the ways that He wants us to.

  2. I love the idea of "learning to love work". Working is not a burden but a blessing and the more we learn to love it, the more that we will do it and reap the blessings that come from it. There are a lot of people who due to different circumstances aren't able to work and we can help those who are truly in need as we provide not only for our families but for those who are physically unable or otherwise afflicted.


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