Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Savior, Our Daily Bread


  1. This message is beautiful and very comforting. I know sometimes we may feel that we can't change or we've gone too far or messed up too much, but because of Christ and his atonement, we know that we can change and that Christ's power can overcome any mistakes that we have made or mistakes other people have made that has hurt us. Some may think that we can only be happy and at peace in the next life and while that will be true too, because of our Savior and what he has done for us we can be happy and at peace in this life as well, no matter our circumstances.

  2. Regular spiritual nourishment is no less crucial to our spiritual well-being, than regular physical nourishment is to our physical well-being. The word of Christ is the food that keeps our spirits alive and healthy. If we want to be spiritually well-fed, we must be doctrinally well-read.


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