Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pray Often

God commands us to pray to Him. You can pray at any time and in any setting. The Lord has taught us to kneel and pray in the morning and in the evening, as individuals and with our families. Our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Through daily prayer we receive divine guidance and blessings. We should always pray sincerely. We should also pray with "real intent," which means we are committed to act on the answer that we receive.

As we pray with faith, sincerity, and real intent, we will see God's influence in our lives. He will guide us in our daily lives and help us make good decisions. He will bless us with feelings of comfort and peace. He will warn us of danger and strengthen us to resist temptation. He will forgive our sins. We will feel closer to Him.

How has prayer helped you in your life and in your family's lives?


  1. I love prayer. Just this past weekend, my husband was going in to take his GRE. I have never taken the test myself so I was nervous for him. I prayed really hard to my Heavenly Father that my husband will do the best he can by remembering the things he has learned through school and in his studies. While I was praying, I had the inspiration to pray that he will get the score he will need in order for him to take us to the school and places God has intended for us to go. I was a bit surprised by this statement because I never thought about it like that before. But it is so true. My husband will be the main provider for our family. Where his school and work takes us, our family will follow. In order for us to choose where God wants us to go, we need to have those options available to us through our own efforts. It was a blessing to know that God was guiding our lives and He is protecting us. I slept peacefully that night and my husband came back with a great score on his GRE test. I know that it is through my husband's hard work and the Lord's aide that he was able to do so well.
    I know if we take the time to say our prayers, we will learn what to ask for, what to look for and what to do throughout our prayers and in our lives. God loves us individually and guides us if we are willing to follow in His footprints.

  2. In the familiar words of the hymn, Did you think to pray, we're reminded that "prayer will change the night to day". Such has been the case on many occasions in my life. No matter how miserable I may be feeling at the time, when I turn to the Lord in prayer, I always feel anywhere between a little, and significantly better. I get up off my knees feeling comforted, knowing that if no one else loves me (which they do), then at least He does. On the other hand, though I never miss daily prayer, sometimes to one degree or another, I take for granted the level of sublimity unto which a prayer could attain with a little bit of effort and specificity of words.

  3. pettyannair@yahoo.comSeptember 20, 2014 at 9:41 AM

    The power if prayer is so true. As I was closer to my sugery date. Stress and nervousness overcame me but I kept praying for positive outcome. My home teacher came over and gave me the same blessing. I felt this burden lifted and knew Heavenly Father heard my prayers .

  4. Some may think that praying doesn't really accomplish anything but I have personally experienced real miracles from the power of prayer. Also, a lot of the time when we feel disconnected from Heavenly Father, it's not because he's not there but it's because we are not taking the time to connect with him. Prayer isn't something that we're "required" to do but is a gift to us from a loving Father in Heaven.


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