Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Grateful in Any Circumstances"

"As disciples of Christ, we are commanded to 'thank the Lord (our) God in all things', to 'sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving', and to 'Let (our) heart be full of thanks unto God.' "

We live in a time where we always want more and more, and I confess I am guilty of that and get frustrated when bad things happen. Recent events have occurred that have forced my husband and me out of our home. Instead of responding negatively like I normally would with a problem like this, I decided to try to be grateful. I discovered that my whole perspective changed when I began to do that. I looked past the problem and realized I had so much to be thankful for despite these difficult times. I realized I was blessed and an overwhelming peace and happiness filled me. Like all things, this too shall pass, but I will never forget what happened when I changed my attitude and began to look for the good in my life. I believe my husband and I have learned an important lesson that I hope we will apply time and time again. 

"Every one's situation is different, and the details of each life are unique. Nevertheless, I have learned that there is something that would take away the bitterness that may come into our lives. There is one thing we can do to make life sweeter, more joyful, even glorious. 

We can be Grateful!"
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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  1. I am grateful for the priesthood and.the power of prayers. Through God all things are possible . Even when I am sick I.know my Savior lives. He can turn a negative situation to a positive. You become more in tune with the spirit. In.spite of your circumstances.

  2. It is amazing how much your attitude can change when you begin to think about your many blessings. We always tend to focus on the few things that are going wrong, when there are 10Xs that amount going right. God is very kind, and when we overlook that, we are missing out on an opportunity he has given us to be happy. I am truly blessed, and acknowledge God's hand in all my blessings.

  3. I admire the perspective of being grateful in a hard situation. When I reflect on my life and the struggles and trials I have gone through with my family, I am grateful for them. I believe our trials humble us, and through being humbled we rely on the Lord more. He becomes even more important in our lives. And if we can be grateful during the hard times, we are that much more blessed and happy!!!

  4. Trials are the best times to prioritize what is truly needed rather than our wants. Finding things to be grateful for is a conscious effort during our trials and it forces us to understand just what we are grateful about. The moments we spend to ponder our blessings is a blessing in itself. We realize that we are a daughter/son of God who loves us and guides us. We are supported by God and we are wanted back in His presence. With this knowledge, we understand the big picture and it eases the burdens of our temporal trials. They are still hard and challenging, but we are equipped more mentally and spiritually to handle the obstacles.
    By keeping the commandment to show gratitude in our lives, we will be blessed to handle the trials in our lives.

  5. It can be even more of a trial to think of things to be grateful for while in the midst of hardship. I'll be honest and admit that there have been times when focusing on the problem and complaining about it has been my MO. Yet, when I stop and pull myself out of my pity party and find things that are going right or fantastic it can make what I am going through less of a burden. I see that silver lining and the sun on the other side instead of the rolling storm clouds over my head and I know I can make it through

  6. Have you ever experienced life's up's, only to be followed by life's down's, resulting in the sincere inquiry as to what on earth you did to deserve this unfair decline in your success or happiness? Sometimes this can even happen when our efforts to live a good life have all but increased. It's times like this when we too easily blame ourselves, or worse, blame God. Should we not instead remind ourselves that the sun will surely rise again in its full glory over the horizon? Why not make the best of the temporary hard times, by remembering in gratitude the good times past and thankfully acknowledging that yes, the good times will surely come again? God is merciful and if we do this, he always pull us out of the pit, whether we dug it up ourselves or not.

  7. I think that sometimes we think that a lot of things are going wrong in our lives but it is because we aren't paying attention to all of the amazing things that we have. My dad used to always tell me that if you were to lose your sight and then regain it back, you would be so incredibly happy and grateful and you wouldn't care about anything else in your life that was imperfect because you would be so happy to have your sight back. We don't have to lose our sight to be that happy and grateful for it. Even during hard times we can do things like make gratitude lists to remind us of our incredible blessings.


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