Monday, September 1, 2014


Commandments are the laws and requirements that a loving Heavenly Father gives His children to bless them, protect them, and guide them back to Him. When we keep the commandments, we show our love for Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As we obey the commandments and continually repent, we become more like the Savior and we are blessed with happiness, peace, testimony, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

What blessings do you receive by keeping the commandments?


  1. Keeping the commandments brings safety and stability. It teaches obedience and brings peace. Without guidelines to keep us on a good path, the world will throw us around like a ship without a rudder. Especially as a parent, knowing where to find peace is invaluable. I am thankful for commandments and for the blessings that come from being true to them.

  2. believe that our loving Father in Heaven has given us commandments to be safe. When we follow His commandments, we are happier. Some may think of the commandments as hard rules to follow that weigh one day, but really they are a protection to us and they lift us up, closer to our Heavenly Father and closer to our eternal salvation.

    1. I think that like you said some people think that commandments are a burden or that they are there to restrict us. The irony however, is that it is through commandments that we have ultimate freedom. God doesn't give us commandments so that we will feel restricted and burdened, but because of the complete opposite. Not keeping the commandments and the negative consequences that come from that, are the real burden. Sometimes I think that we are like a small child who may feel that a parent is restricting them from not letting them play in the middle of a busy street, not realizing that our parent is protecting us from harm. Likewise Heavenly Father has all knowledge and all wisdom and he can see things that we can't and has knowledge of things that we don't yet understand. If we trust in him, like a child trusting in a loving parent, over time we will come to realize what great blessings have come to us through obedience to Heavenly Father's commandments.

  3. I have been thinking about obedience to commandments and being faithful servants of the Lord lately. One scripture story that always stands out to me is the story of Job. He is a faithful servant and obedient to his God. It always amazes me that even though almost everything was taken away from Job--his family, wealth and friends--he was still obedient and loved the Lord. Although it amazes me, I believe that Job had a deeper and greater understanding of what following the Lord's commandments meant. Through these great and sorrowful trials he faced, I believe Job fell on his knees every night and took Comfort and Peace from the Holy Ghost. I believe Job drew upon his testimony that he developed throughout his years and relied on the promises God gave by following His commandments to give him courage and strength.

    I know that keeping all of God's commandments can be a challenge. If it wasn't, we would all be perfect. However, I know that through God, we can do all things--including having total obedience to His laws. And although we may be stripped of "blessings" from the earth and during our mortal lives by standing up for God, we will be blessed eternally from God for our obedience here on earth.

    So I have a testimony that I know you will receive blessings for following commandments you understand the meaning of. However, I also know that if you obey the commandments you don't understand, God will bless you immensely for your faith and obedience.

  4. Just like the laws of the land keep us safe from hurting ourselves or others, God's commandments do the same. There are many blessings that I am given when I follow the commandments. At the very least I am given a healthy body that allows me to do all the things that I want and need to do. I am given a sense of security because I know the boundaries that have been set and if I stay within them then I wont be put into situations that may cause me harm both spiritually and physically.

  5. I try to keep the commandments with exactness. Doing so makes life go smoother for me. The more closely I adhere to the Lord's standard of living, the more balanced and happy my life is as a result.


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