Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Study the Scriptures

The scriptures are written records of God's dealings with His children as recorded by prophets under the influence of the Holy Ghost. We show our faith by studying, believing, and obeying God's revealed word. We should diligently search the scriptures to understand the truth. We feast upon them because they open the door to revelation and show us what we need to do and become. We search the scriptures to learn about Jesus Christ and His gospel. Faith in Jesus Christ is a gift from God and comes through studying and living His word and His gospel. The approved scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also called the standard works, are the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. We strive to study these sacred books daily.

My faith grows as I study the scriptures. At times, it can be difficult to find the time on a busy day. But I know when I find that time and study the scriptures, I feel closer to my Father in Heaven and Jesus and I learn to recognize the blessing in my life.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Life's Purpose

In an earlier article, we talked about the Plan of Salvation. I will list what is contained in the Plan of Salvation for a brief recap:

First, we were in the premortal world where we, the sons and daughters of God, were an intelligence. We learned and chose to follow God's plan to obtain a body on Earth and to return to God through the choices we make from the free agency God gave us.

Second, we passed through a veil and were born on Earth. By passing through the veil, we forgot what we had learned in the premortal world and we are tested on Earth to choose once again if we will follow God's plan. We can accomplish this through the light of Christ God gave to each of His children, the Holy Ghost's confirmation of right and wrong, and faith.

Third, we die and pass through another veil into the spirit world. Here we continue to learn about God's gospel but without our physical bodies. We wait until the resurrection day and the judgment day within the spirit world.

After we are judged according to our works, we will be placed within one of the 3 glories: Celestial (being the highest degree of glory), Terrestrial (Second degree), and Telestial (The third and lowest degree).

To have the blessings given to God (or in other words, to become like God), we need to make it into the Celestial Kingdom.

We chose before we came down to earth, as spirit sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, to gain a physical body on earth and to return to God. In other words, our life's purpose is to become like our Heavenly Father--a perfect and Celestial being.

In order to become like God, we need to know WHO God is. We can understand who our loving Heavenly Father is by reading the scriptures and praying to Him daily. We draw closer to God when we learn more about Him, but we cannot be in the presence of God when we are sinners. So by learning about God, we find God's attributes and laws. And then, we must apply these attributes and laws into our lives so we can become like God.

Some of God's attributes are found in 2 Peter 1:5-7. In verse 8 of those scriptures, it states "For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ."

So by obtaining God's attributes, we can know how to become like Him and begin striving to be like Him.

In the scriptures and from the words of His prophets, we learn commandments. An earlier article this month talked about how Gratitude was a commandment. When we are doing what the Lord commanded us to do, we find joy and happiness. When we are grateful, we find joy and happiness. God Himself is a being of joy and happiness. I know God has gratitude.

If we think of any of God's commandments, I have faith that He abides by all of them. Therefore, by learning all of God's commandments, we can know who God is and how He behaves. By keeping His commandments, we are becoming like Him.

So if our life's purpose is to become like God, then our life should fervently incorporate ALL of God's commandments and diligently obtain ALL of God's attributes.

What have you done to become more like God? What are some successful ways of following commandments that are hard to keep right now?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pray Often

God commands us to pray to Him. You can pray at any time and in any setting. The Lord has taught us to kneel and pray in the morning and in the evening, as individuals and with our families. Our Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Through daily prayer we receive divine guidance and blessings. We should always pray sincerely. We should also pray with "real intent," which means we are committed to act on the answer that we receive.

As we pray with faith, sincerity, and real intent, we will see God's influence in our lives. He will guide us in our daily lives and help us make good decisions. He will bless us with feelings of comfort and peace. He will warn us of danger and strengthen us to resist temptation. He will forgive our sins. We will feel closer to Him.

How has prayer helped you in your life and in your family's lives?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Grateful in Any Circumstances"

"As disciples of Christ, we are commanded to 'thank the Lord (our) God in all things', to 'sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving', and to 'Let (our) heart be full of thanks unto God.' "

We live in a time where we always want more and more, and I confess I am guilty of that and get frustrated when bad things happen. Recent events have occurred that have forced my husband and me out of our home. Instead of responding negatively like I normally would with a problem like this, I decided to try to be grateful. I discovered that my whole perspective changed when I began to do that. I looked past the problem and realized I had so much to be thankful for despite these difficult times. I realized I was blessed and an overwhelming peace and happiness filled me. Like all things, this too shall pass, but I will never forget what happened when I changed my attitude and began to look for the good in my life. I believe my husband and I have learned an important lesson that I hope we will apply time and time again. 

"Every one's situation is different, and the details of each life are unique. Nevertheless, I have learned that there is something that would take away the bitterness that may come into our lives. There is one thing we can do to make life sweeter, more joyful, even glorious. 

We can be Grateful!"
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

For the full talk check out: 

Why are we commanded to keep the Sabbath day holy?

The Lord has given the Sabbath day for our benefit and has commanded us to keep it holy. Observing the Sabbath shows our commitment to honor and worship God and keep our promises to Him. It will bring us closer to the Lord and to our family. It will give us an eternal perspective and spiritual strength. The Sabbath also allows us to rest from our physical labors and worship the Lord.

 How do you follow the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Secure Anchor

I am so thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who gives us commandments to live by. When we follow the commandments, we anchor ourselves to our Father in Heaven and He in turn is our safety and salvation.

How have you been blessed by following the commandments?

Monday, September 1, 2014


Commandments are the laws and requirements that a loving Heavenly Father gives His children to bless them, protect them, and guide them back to Him. When we keep the commandments, we show our love for Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. As we obey the commandments and continually repent, we become more like the Savior and we are blessed with happiness, peace, testimony, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

What blessings do you receive by keeping the commandments?

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