Friday, August 29, 2014

Protect the Family

This month, we talked a great deal on family. What a great thing to discuss—especially in a world where the belief of and strive for traditional family unit is dwindling.

Family and marriage is a very important matter to me. I know I can rely on my family who raised me to love me unconditionally. I know that the family I was married into loves and supports me and my husband. I know my ward family (ward family is a term members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints use to refer to the members who live within the same parameters that are created by our church leaders) cares about my temporal and spiritual needs and does their best in lifting me up. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and I know that my elder brother, Jesus Christ, lived a perfect life and atoned for my sins so that I can repent and live with them again. I know my husband loves, supports and cares for me during the happy and sad times, fun and hard times, and the best and worst times. Family is my strength, my support, my confidence and my love. Although these are great reasons why family is important to me, I wish to explain why family is important to everyone on this earth.

“The fulness of eternal salvation is a family affair,” said Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “The gospel plan originated in the council of an eternal family, it is implemented through our earthly families, and has its destiny in our eternal families.”

“Birth into a family was the way God chose to send His spirit children to earth. Marriage and family relationships are the central means He has prepared to achieve His purposes.”

"The family is the primary support structure in God’s plan to help us resist evil, overcome weakness, and work out our salvation. For this reason we should do all we can to strengthen the family in these days of confusion and opposition."

“Because of the importance of the family to the eternal plan of happiness,” said Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “Satan makes a major effort to destroy the sanctity of the family, demean the importance of the role of men and women, encourage moral uncleanliness and violations of the sacred law of chastity, and to discourage parents from placing the bearing and rearing of children as one of their highest priorities.”

According to God’s plan, we cannot obtain the highest degree of happiness in Heaven without our family. God gave us our agency (our right to decide for ourselves from right and wrong) so that through our own will, we can choose to become like Him one day. He has given us the sacred duty to bring His children to earth and to teach them about Him and how to make it back. To God, family comes before your degree, work, extra-curricular, passions, and skill-honing.

I am not perfect. I have put my school, work, and Netflix (a passion of mine) before my family before. I will probably make a mistake and do it again. But God is merciful and he works with me little by little. In order for me to be a better family member, I have taken action by attending an institute class on “building an eternal marriage” and I have started my Personal Progress (a program directed to the young women of the church but can be completed by any age woman) again in hopes to becoming a better person who values family over worldly possessions.

What have you done to strengthen your family? Did it work? If not, why?

What are some of your steps in building an eternal family?

What are some ideas you can do today to help someone in your family draw closer to God? 


  1. Thank you for your great comments! It seems we can become more complacent with the ones we love than total strangers! Our families can be a source of great comfort and strength. For me, sometimes I get too comfortable with my family and forget they are the greatest blessing in my life. My husband and children mean the world to me and I will do anything for them. My parents and siblings are such strength to me. We all get together every Sunday evening and visit and eat. One Sunday my sister-in-law mentioned that we just don't realize how blessed we are to have such strong family connections. It got me thinking a lot about my family relationships and how I do take it for granted that we love each other.

    1. Family is Heavenly Fathers plan to workout our Salvation.We need to pray and put on the Armour of God. By praying and reading the scriptures.We were given agency our decision to choise right or wrong. Satan is out to destroy the family unit. Our number one priority is to strengthen our family.Leading by example like attending scarement ,family prayers and reading the scriptures helo to maintain this. I testify that if we lead by example families can be together forver.

  2. I believe that the prophetic counsel for members of the Lord's church to protect the family, refers to the protection of our own home from evil influences, as well as to the opposition of anything that contradicts the sanctity of families in general.

  3. I think that because we are with our families so much of the time, we do easily take them for granted. I think that's why it is so important to regularly express gratitude to Heavenly Father for our families and to take time to express to our families how much we love and appreciate them. When my husband comes home from work every day it always strikes me how much I missed him and how grateful I am to have him in my life. While I do sometimes put other things above my family, I want to continue to work on having them (next to God) as my top priority.


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