Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What does it mean to take upon ourselves the name of Christ?

When I think about this question I think about missionaries and how their tags have their names and the Savior's name. My sister, Laura who went on a mission two years ago, once told me that on her mission a lot of people told her how horrible it was to take off your missionary tag when you get home, because you feel like you have been stripped of your title as a representative of Christ. Once Laura came home and took off her tag, she felt horrible and worried that no one would know that she is a missionary. But then she realized that she can show others that she is a representative of Christ by her actions, the way she dresses, and the way she talks. Her experience reminds me of story that Elder Holland told in the April 2014 General Conference:
"For example, a sister missionary recently wrote to me: “My companion and I saw a man sitting on a bench in the town square eating his lunch. As we drew near, he looked up and saw our missionary name tags. With a terrible look in his eye, he jumped up and raised his hand to hit me. I ducked just in time, only to have him spit his food all over me and start swearing the most horrible things at us. We walked away saying nothing. I tried to wipe the food off of my face, only to feel a clump of mashed potato hit me in the back of the head. Sometimes it is hard being a missionary because right then I wanted to go back, grab that little man, and say, ‘EXCUSE ME!’ But I didn’t.”

Being a representative of Christ means that you are living the way you feel about this gospel and not doing things that would make people think anything else. My young women leader once told a story about when she was at college. She was invited to a party and when she walked in a man said, "Drinks are in here, music is in there." She knew exactly what kind of drinks he was talking about, and thought to herself that if she went inside she could just avoid that certain room. But then she remembered back to an experience she had in Beehives, where they all stood up and made an oath to abstain from drugs and alcohol. So she decided to leave because even if she avoided the drinks, she didn't want people to think that she didn't have high standards, or that she wasn't a representative of Jesus Christ because she was at that party.

"DARE to be a Mormon. DARE to stand alone. 
DARE to have a purpose firm. DARE to make it known."

                                       -This article was written by Kaylee Adamson, a youth in the Ward


  1. love this, thank you so much Kaylee for sharing this. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ we do have to stand up for what we believe and hold true to the standards we have. Sometimes it can be hard, but we represent Christ and we need to remember how He would act and what He would do and follow His example.

  2. I love this article! It really makes you want to make a difference in the world. I really love the "Dare to make it known" part. I am LDS and I believe in Jesus Christ. However, I don't always go out of my way to show that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I often hope others can tell that I am LDS with my subtle differences and I am always disappointed when others ask if I am religious. If I dare to make it known that I am a strong follower of Jesus Christ, I won't ever have to be asked if I am. I will dare myself to make it known this week. Thank you for this wonderful article!

  3. The Young Women motto is “stand for truth and righteousness.” This article was written by a young woman who does exactly that - she stands for truth and righteousness! What an example to us all!!!

  4. This is a great article! It can definitely be difficult sometimes to stand up for what we know is right because other people are not always going to agree with us and in the example of the sister missionaries, some people may even be downright aggressive and hostile. However, as we take upon ourselves the name of Christ and remember that we are his representatives, we can remember that Christ himself suffered great persecutions, even to death but he would not deviate from that which he knew to be right. I love that quote you wrote at the end because it can remind us that Christ dared to stand alone and so can we.

  5. I love this article and I am so glad that we have a youth who is willing to declare so poignantly what it means to take the name of Christ and isn't willing to back down and be ashamed of it.

    Having grown up outside of Utah where being a member of this church is more of an anomaly and less the norm. And where declaring such a thing could bring scorn. However, I held to my standards and it has made me a stronger person knowing that I am a representative of our Savior.

  6. In a world that is so worried about accommodating everyone and everything, it is important we remember to stand for something. If we believe in Christ, we should live His gospel. I know the teachings and principles he taught are found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we will find happiness by following his example.

  7. I feel like taking upon us the name of Christ is not a decision that we can make half-heartedly. It's not something we can do one day and not do the next. In order to fully take upon us the name of Christ, we must have a firm dedication to think as He would think, speak as He would speak, and act as He would act. This is not an easy feat, and we will fall short many times, but with consistent and concerted effort it will get easier and we will be strengthened in our efforts and our hearts will change until our desire to do evil is gone and we are perfected in Him.

  8. Kaylee, you have always been a great example to me. I can tell by the way you act, talk, dress and treat others that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love to see young people standing up for what is right. It takes a lot of courage today but will always be worth it. I agree with the last comment, it is not always easy to represent Christ ...it is a process. I'm so grateful for the hope I have because of the Atonement to continue to grow and become more worthy to be called a disciple of Christ.


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