Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grateful to Mom

Throughout my life I've had a lot of support and guidance.  The source of my guidance comes from many different places.  My Heavenly Father who I can speak to through prayer, my Savior Jesus Christ, my parents, wife and siblings, are all sources of support and strength.  Above all else I believe my Mother has been my greatest source of strength and support.  And I'd like to focus on the example my Mother is to me.

My ideas and opinions were shaped by my Mothers acts of kindness towards me.  As my Mother raised me, like all of us, I made mistakes.  As I made those mistakes my Mother was always there to encourage me.  Instead of putting me down, she forgive me, gave me support and believed in me.  I can't remember a time when my Mother lost her patience towards me or didn't forgive my mistakes.

When things might have seemed trivial to others, my Mom supported me.  She came to all my hundreds of baseball and basketball games, listened through hours of me making noise with my drums, and she always supported and encouraged me even if I thought of giving up or not giving everything I could.  I am very grateful for all the love and kindness my Mother has shown to me in my life.

Sometimes I take for granted all the opportunities my Mother and Father provided for me.  This Mothers Day we should all take some time to think about all of the sacrifices our Mothers made that created opportunities for us.

I want to be the type of parent both my Mother and Father are.  I'd like to encourage us all to strive to be a good parent to children and a good example of forgiveness and kindness to everyone.

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  1. I too am grateful for a loving mother who taught me how to be a mother myself. Our Heavenly Father, in is loving wisdom, sent us to families so we could learn from them. I've learned so much from my mother and I am thankful for being given the opportunity to learn from her.


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