Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Christ's Gift - The Atonement....

Jesus Christ’s greatest gift was his Atonement.  But for most of us we cannot comprehend or understand the true power of this gift.  Yes, through the Atonement I am able to be forgiven for the things I do wrong in this life.  That through this repentance I am able to become clean again, able to stand upright before my Savior.  But the Atonement for me is so much more than just for the repentance of my sins.  

Christ’s sacrifice for all of us allows us to be saved from all of the pain and suffering that we experience in this life.  As a Paramedic / Fire Fighter, I see so much heartache of this world.  I experience things in such a raw way, and I can’t imagine coping with each day without the Atonement in my life.  My Savior has paid the price for all of the sins I may commit, but he also has paid the price for all of the anguish or pain I may endure.  In knowing this, I am able through prayer, to lie at my Savior’s feet all of my troubles.  Knowing that Christ knows how I feel, has walked in my shoes.  In utilizing the power of the Atonement for all aspects of my life, I am able to walk forward with faith.  I can leave any anguish behind, looking forward with a brightness of hope.  

Please allow your Savior to help you in all aspects of your life.  If you have sin that is bogging you down, repent.  If you have burdens that weigh heavy on your heart, give them over to Christ and carry them no more.  You never have to be alone, Christ is always with you.


  1. It is so nice to know that our Savior is there for us, that he has paid the price for my sins and also all of my suffering. Thank you for sharing this great message.

  2. Sometimes we tend to associate repentance or utilizing the atonement as some kind of punishment, scolding or other negative connotations. I love being reminded that Christ had gone through suffering so we don't have to. The atonement was made so that we may find happiness and hope. What an uplifting message it is to know that we aren't meant to handle pain and suffering alone and that we can lay all our hardships at His feet and find peace within our souls. Thank you for your sweet but confounding message.


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