Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why am I here?

So many people ask the question, “Why am I here on the Earth?” It’s a question I love to ponder! I believe we lived with our loving Father in Heaven before we came to this Earth. When we lived there, we took part in a great meeting. At that meeting our Heavenly Father presented a plan - a plan of eternal happiness. His plan was to have us, as spirits come to Earth, receive a body and also become part of a family. In a mortal existence, we would be able to experience a mortal life, to learn and grow and progress toward an eternal life. It would be a time that we could prove ourselves, make the choice to learn of Jesus Christ and follow Him and prepare ourselves to be worthy of that eternal life. And the best part, if we prove ourselves in the mortal existence, we would live forever in the presence of God and also live with our families throughout eternity. We were so excited about this plan! Our Father in Heaven gave us the choice of accepting this plan or not. I believe that everyone accepted this plan because we all received our mortal bodies.

Our wise and loving Father has given us the privilege of being tested and strengthened through our trials. And He gives us trials that are specific to us and what we need to learn and grow. After we die, we will see our families and our Savior, Jesus Christ. We will then be judged and receive the Kingdom of Glory that we have earned.

I am so grateful for the honor to be on this earth. When things get difficult and I am being tested, I try to ask myself, “What is my Heavenly Father trying to teach me?” Those trials are still difficult, but I know without a doubt that my Father loves me enough to make me stronger and wants me to learn all I need to learn so I can return to Him.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the video. That really touched my heart to know that I am not the only one lost at times in my life and that the gospel of Jesus Christ can be the way to finding true happiness.


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