Thursday, January 16, 2014

Agency - our ability to choose for ourselves

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe that our Father in Heaven has given us agency, or the ability to choose and to act for ourselves.

I believe that before we came to this earth, we participated in a great council. In this heavenly council, our Father in Heaven presented a plan. Part of His plan allowed us agency. Satan rebelled against our Father and wanted to take away our ability to make choices. Because of this rebellion, Satan and his followers were denied the opportunity to come to earth and gain bodies. I believe that because of our faithfulness and desire to follow our Father in Heaven, we were sent to the earth to gain mortal bodies and have the privilege of making choices.

We have a great responsibility to show our Father in Heaven that we can make good choices and follow our Savior’s example. Along with making choices come consequences to our actions. Whether our choices are good or bad, we will have consequences. I have seen the direct consequences to my actions. I strive to make good choices that will lead me back to my Father in Heaven. Living the commandments and following the teachings of my loving Savior, Jesus Christ, has blessed me with positive consequences in my life. My life is happy and peaceful because I make good choices and use my agency in positive ways. I am so blessed! And for that, I am eternally grateful for a wise and gracious Father in Heaven.


  1. How amazing it is to know that we used our agency to choose God's plan. This is an amazing concept to think about. Every child born on this Earth has already used their agency to follow Jesus Christ who follows Heavenly Father's plan. This also shows the responsibility of having this knowledge-we need to share it with our family, friends, neighbors and everyone else. They had chosen to come to Earth, now we need to help them decide if they will choose again to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Thank you for your sweet testimony.

  2. As mentioned above, those we agreed to Heavenly Father's plan were sent down to Earth while those who chose to follow Satan did not have the opportunity to receive a body. This means that every single person living on this Earth chose to follow Heavenly Father and to be tested and tried, though many were not born into the gospel we believe that they will find their way back to it whether it be in this life or after death. Because we all chose to follow Heavenly Father's plan we also agreed to be tested and tried so that we could gain the character and the spirit to return to him. Though it seems as if we often make the wrong decision and that agency is the more difficult road, we must always remember that no matter what wrong decision we make, Christ has already suffered for our sins and because of that we can always repent and be forgiven. I think that is truly the greatest gift we could ever receive, because we are not expected to be perfect, only to try our best, and if that isn't enough the Lord will make up the difference.


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