Friday, November 29, 2013

Christ is Christmas

                Over two thousand years ago a miraculous event occurred in the most humble of circumstances.  My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was born. 

It took many years for me to truly understand the significance of this miracle.  For a long time my Savior was a being that I couldn’t really understand or feel close to.  I was taught by goodly parents about my Savior, his role in my life, and his purpose for all of us.  I believed in His Atonement and that I could ask my Heavenly Father for forgiveness of my sins through prayer.  I also believed that through my Savior’s Atonement I could be forgiven for my trespasses. While I believed these things, it took a lot of trial and error on my part to gain a true understanding of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I know that Jesus suffered for me in Gethsemane; I have felt his forgiving spirit in my life.  I utilize the forgiving power of the Atonement every day and I know that this power is real.  I know that the atoning sacrifice of my Savior is something I may never truly comprehend.   But I have also learned that the power of the Atonement is so much more than just a vehicle for forgiveness. 

            I turn to my Savior for help on a daily basis. Christ suffered for me so that He could know me.  He knows my every thought, feeling, and emotion.  Because He knows me this way, I can turn to Him for anything.  I can lay at His feet all of my emotions, knowing that He will help me understand my feelings.  I am a witness of His love; the Savior has helped me through the most difficult times of my life.  I can’t express the gratitude I have for my Savior’s Atonement.  It bears the burden of the trials of this life and so I don’t have to be weighed down anymore.  There isn’t a greater gift than this!   

            I pray that during this holiday season that we will all strive to become closer to our Savior.  I pray that we will emulate His perfect example and find a way to serve someone in need.  As we do, we will become more like Him. 
            I know that my Savior lives.  He is my brother, my friend.  Christ is always there for me, waiting for me to utilize His Atonement. When I do, I become closer to him, feeling of His love for me.  I bear my witness that these things are true and that the power of the Atonement is real.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Welcome to our blog! We are trying out something new and will begin posting in the month of December.

Just a few things about us: Our blog staff is made up of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS Church; we are also known as Mormons, because in addition to the Bible we believe in another testament of Jesus Christ called the Book of Mormon. We are thrilled to start up this blog and will be posting weekly about our Heavenly Father, our savior Jesus Christ, the gospel, and different aspects of our faith alongside testimonies (or statements of belief) by other members of our church regarding these topics. Ultimately, our aim is to share the truth of God's love for all of His children and His great desire for us to have real happiness and joy.

Thanks for visiting our blog, and we hope you visit us again soon!

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